Monday, July 28, 2008

Thing 23 completion

I think what I liked best about this was I had a little time to devote to it during the summer and that I could proceed at my own pace.  I'd like to rework this blog into a reading-centered one linked into my school web page and Edline page.  I can see it as a communication tool for teachers, even parents.  An online book club is a definate possibility with one of the Web 2.0 tools.   I've learned a tremendous amount, even though some of it was a brief overview.  I feel like I can keep up with the kids now better.  I hope the site 23 things will be kept up so I can go back and pick up some of the tools I'd like to look at more.

Thing 22 keeping up

Keeping current is indeed the hardest part of all.  There are only 24 hours in the day!  I like the resolution to spend 15 minutes daily working through library 2.0 things.  That would be my resolution.  Will it work? Once I get back in the school routine, I'll be keeping track in my planner.  There are many sites and databases even that I hadn't seen before, and those I'll go back to as I can.  

Thing 21 beyond myspace

I joined and the 23things ning.  These both have potential, and in many ways I prefer the smaller focus of something like 23things.  Both were easy to join.  The hard part is keeping one's user names and passwords straight for all these sites. 

Thing 20 Social networks

Love the Hennepin County Libraries Myspace page.  Again, reaching out to users with the new media.  I have a Facebook page that I created this summer, but not much on it yet.

Thing 19 podcasts

Again, here is a tool that we've used at school this past year.  Once you get past the network issues, it's useful.  Again, like everything else, you have to be sure your project is organized (Research calculator use?) and the content is acceptable.  I looked at both and the educational podcast site. is easy to use, but it takes time to  wade through all the possibilities.  There are some in French, but not all that many.  South View has done 2 author podcasts as part of their author visits, with links on their webpage.  I also of course liked the public radio podcasts.

Thing 18 Youtube

I think I finally got it, the directions weren't all that obvious.  I put a link to Frank's Youtube video of our robin family in the lilacs this summer.  He originally had about an 2 hours' worth of film, and edited it down to what you see here with iMovie.  I picked this partly because of that, and also because there are no copyright issues here.  I think copyright/fair use is probably the biggest issue with video sharing.  

Thing 17 ELM

I like the way this Thing was set up to guide the user through some of the features in ELM.  The little videos on each are good; even as a regular user, one forgets either that the feature exists, or how to use it.  Our district media webpages all have access to ELM databases as one of the online resources we routinely provide.  I think teachers often forget (or maybe didn't know about) these great resources.  We need to help them embed the use of these in their assignments.  There's something for all ages & abilities here.

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